Real English

Stand out from the crowd by getting the real training you really need at Study Zone

Most language schools offer General English courses, but at Study Zone there is nothing ‘general’ about our language training programmes. In fact, they are very specific; they are tailored to your specific needs and are designed to help you reach specific goals.

The Real English Approach

At Study Zone we follow the approach of our partner school, the Edinburgh Language Academy. ELA is a British Council accredited language school based in Edinburgh, Scotland’s beautiful capital city.

At Study Zone we see the classroom as a dynamic environment. We want our students to enjoy their time in class but also to benefit fully from the time and effort they invest. Our Real English programmes give students the opportunity to use the language they already possess, experiment with new language and to collaborate with colleagues on authentic tasks to further develop their language skills. Our experienced trainers prepare engaging activities to provide students with real opportunities to practise their English in real-life contexts.

Real results

Study Zone understands that you want real results from your language programme. For us, that means challenging you to make real progress in your language skills development.

At Study Zone we design training programmes to help students communicate in real English. All of our language programmes follow the same philosophy i.e. language is a dynamic, real-life medium of communication; not a school subject. With this in mind, our teachers are experienced at creating a fun, dynamic and motivating environment inside the classroom which helps you to become confident in using English for the real world outside the classroom. This is the real result we will help you achieve.

Key features of Real English @ Study Zone


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