Notarized translation


Certified translation 

Nowadays certified translation is extremely important as this kind of translation is required for documents issued outside the country and written in the foreign language. After the papers have been translated and certified, they acquire legal power on the territory of the Republic of Belarus and can be accepted by all state authorities. This concerns those documents that are to be presented on the territory of Belarus. When the documents are being prepared for presenting abroad, different procedures, such as apostille and legalization, are required. Certified translation is a precise translation. In this case there cannot be any fiction translation, only word-to-word representation of what is written in the foreign language.  

It’s important to notice, that not all documents can undergo certified translation. As after the translation, notary certification is required. The entire work should be done by a professional translator who has the necessary qualifications verified by relevant documents. 

When acquiring notary certification, you should keep in mind several key-points. The public notary will be able to certify the documents only in those cases when the papers already have all the signatures and stamps of the company/organization that issued them. Also, one of the requirements is a readable date on the papers. In other cases the public notary will refuse to certify your papers. Apart from the requirements mentioned above, the document may not be damaged or contain any corrections. If it has any, notary certification will not be issued. 


In order to acquire certification at public notary’s, the translator who made the translation should be present. It is also required to file (sew) the original document (or copy of the original document) and the certified translated document together. As it was already mentioned above, in order to get certified translation, it’s highly recommended to have a professional, who has relevant experience and required qualifications, do it, otherwise the document will not be certified by the public notary. These qualifications should be verified by a special document which gives the right to provide this kind of translation. 


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