Translation agency “Study Zone” is happy to help our clients with consecutive interpreting, which is one of the types of interpreting. Consecutive interpreting is the most popular type and majority of our customers go namely with this kind of interpreting.

Consecutive interpretation means providing interpreting when the speaker makes short pauses.

Consecutive interpreting is mostly used at the events with not so many people attending, including but not limited to business negotiations, press-conferences, presentations, briefings, phone conversations, as well as accompanying delegations, standing buffets, court hearings, excursions, etc.

We provide interpreting from any language to the language you need, for example, interpreting from German to Russian, from Russian to English, from Russian to Japanese, etc.

Consecutive interpreting doesn’t require any special equipment, and it means it’s possible to provide this kind of interpreting under any circumstances, which is extremely important when conducting outdoor events as well as events where participants are supposed to move around a lot.

Increased time of the event might be viewed as the minor disadvantage of consecutive interpreting, as every speech will be pronounced two times – by the speaker and the interpreter. 

When you place an order for consecutive interpreting, please provide us with the detailed information on the upcoming event: its subject, format and place where it will be held. This information will help our agency to find the professional who is most proficient in the sphere you need. Later on, you can discuss all the details and aspects of the event with the interpreter. 


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