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Study Zone have been teaching English to children and adults for many years. We are lucky to have an opportunity to interact with very interesting people – our students. Most of them have been staying in touch with us for all these years. Our students change, we have new people joining Study Zone all the time which helps us to improve over time. We get opportunities to see our daily work from different points of view - to open new horizons in this sphere.

Since September 2015 we have been offering a new course - preparation for primary school education. The course is designed for children of 4-6 years old. During this course we are conducting complex lessons including speech development, writing, basics of mathematics, English and fine arts.

This decision was made based on the following reason: in the past when providing English classes to children who would come to us to improve their English grade at school, we noticed that many children lacked some basic knowledge and were not ready to accept and process the required material. Kids, who for various reasons were not prepared for school, had not developed the skills required for the successful learning might face similar problems.

The main aim of our courses is to help your kids to develop imagination and creativity, to teach them to believe in themselves and to prove that everything is possible. With us your children will study with pleasure and happiness and achieve their goals! 

Our approach in teaching children is to give them independence and not create obstacles, today they are already doing a lot of things by themselves: play and use their imagination in very creative ways. Together we will participate in projects that will help to shape your kids’ personality, to make them capable of analysing their actions and taking responsibility for their decisions. You should remember one thing: that all children are talented however there are lazy parents. Let’s make our kids talented and happy – everything depends on us! 

One semester fee - 48 BYN.

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