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Elementary math course in English

A lot of our students need a good command of English in order to get into schools, colleges and universities where English is the language of study. When preparing for the admission they are quite surprised to learn that all subjects are taught in English, including math and other academic disciplines.

Unfortunately, education programs of our comprehensive schools and majority of English courses do not stipulate studying any other subject rather than English itself, in English. It goes without saying, it is very difficult to organize such courses, but Study Zone offers students special elementary courses on academic subjects taught in English. They include math, history, art history and geography.

During the classes students get familiar with special vocabulary which gives them a chance to prepare for further studying in English. This includes but not limited to programs for bachelor’s and master’s degree for adults, short-term exchange programs, participation in international academic competitions.  

We are using CLIL method (Content and Language Integrated Learning) which proved to be effective in many European countries. The main goal of CLIL is teaching compatible subject pitches, which will let each of the students use their knowledge of English to show their intelligence and competence in professional context using special terms, rich vocabulary in the specified area, speaking and interaction skills.

Study English with Study Zone  - you will get the opportunity to broaden your horizons!


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