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From the early childhood each of us has been playing board games. We were growing up but still had the same deep interest in board games, the only thing that was changing, was the type of games that we were playing. We switched from the easy multi-color puzzle to complicated monochrome puzzle, from domino with cherries to the game of lotto with numbers, getting closer to mind skills games.

Board games help to shape kids’ personal qualities and develop their logical skills, turning the process of solving the game’s tasks into a fun adventure. The social potential of the games is also extremely important: the players share each other’s success and learn to loose with dignity.

One of the key factors of board games is interaction among the players: developing and following the game’s rules, discussion, search for the solution and giving the right answer. It’s quite difficult even when you are using your mother tongue. So what can we expect when playing board games and using only English? Are you ready for such a challenge?

Starting from July 2016, Study Zone invites everybody who likes challenges to join our STUDY ZONEBOARD GAME’S CLUB (in English).

Our motto is "Forget Russian (even for 1.5 hours) for the sake of English!"

The classes in our club will promote speaking skills development as everything will be conducted in English exclusively. You will improve your memory and enrich your vocabulary as games include new words which will be a great advantage for you. Breaking language barrier is also an extremely aspect of such classes: the fear to speak English is disappearing, there is no enough time for too much thinking since you need to make a decision within a short period of time designated fro the answer. You will be listening to several other players speaking, which gives you an opportunity to develop your listening skills as well as to learn to decode the language when several people speaking.

The winners will get a chance to enjoy promotional discounts for studying with Study Zone.

We are looking forward to hear from you!


You can join the club and reach us via phone (+375445101342, +375172926541) or via e-mail:


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